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What makes MANZANITA BRANCH SUPPLIER different from other branch suppliers?  
You are dealing directly with the grower.


I am Patricia Brizendine.   I will be personally  cutting your branches out in the field to your specifications. My husband and I, own a small ranch in the foothills of the California sierras.  Many acres of our property have old growth manzanita, which we carefully trim to maintain the health and future growth of branches for the floral industry throughout the U.S. I can provide any size or quantities.  I  have even supplied large zoo exhibits with branches for their primates and aviaries.  Please send me your thoughts when you make the purchase, so I know what to look for based on your usage of the branches. If you have questions I can be reached the quickest by email at pat@manzanitasupplier.com. 
Freshly Cut Branches
Our freshly cut limbs means flexible branches, when they are boxed for shipping - less breakage.  These aren't old dried branches setting on a warehouse shelf being knocked around  like most suppliers.   If you order branches without leaves, allow 2-3 days extra for drying time after we cut them, to allow the leaves to loosen for removal.  Manzanita leaves are very tough and extremely hard to remove when freshly cut.  However, with a few days drying they remove easily. Please be aware that we do work with Mother Nature and when it's raining or snowing, it halts our cutting progress and have to wait for the storm to pass.  Please let us know if you are in a rush to receive your order.  I have even worked on Christmas Day to make sure unexpected orders ship out the next day,  because of short notice.
SHIPPING:  Your beautiful branches are carefully boxed in tough 200lb certified boxes that resist the roughest handlers.  We ship via Fedex Ground and rarely have had any issues. Most shipments take around 5 days transit time, if heading to the east coast.  Please be aware of  harsh weather somewhere in the U.S.   It could impact transit times and take up to 2 weeks to receive your shipment if it crosses though areas with snow and ice.

Patricia Brizendine
email:   pat@manzanitasupplier.com (fastest response)
cell: 208-728-4139

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